Monday, 26 March 2012

Thoughts | Tales of the Emerald Serpent

Shared world anthologies are commonly viewed as a thing of the past - although the Wild Cards series was, last I heard, still going strong. For those who haven't come across the genre, shared world anthologies are pretty close to what it says on the tin: anthologies composed of multiple authors' stories set in a single shared setting.

Well, a new project is promising a new anthology of its kind: a fantasy shared world collection called - you guessed it - 'Tales of the Emerald Serpent'. The problem is that funding's been insufficient - so they're attempting to secure the $10, 000 needed through Kickstarter (a website throught which individuals pledge money to fund projects in return for rewards if the project succeeds in gaining the sum - if it doesn't, no money is lost).

So, why am I so excited about this? Partly, it's who's taking part. The page lists 'authors like Lynn Flewelling, Harry Connolly, Juliet McKenna, Martha Wells, Robert Mancebo, and Julie Czerneda' - just one or two of whom would, as a dedicated fantasy fan, excite me! Juliet McKenna, in particular, has written some extremely interesting titles and takes on old tropes before, so I'm looking forward to witnessing this new effort.

Secondly, it's what could amount to the revival of the trend - an entirely new shared world anthology, rather than merely a continued series. And as a result, mainstream publishers could begin to take a chance on such anthologies once more - something that's been lacking in recent years. As an interesting concept (I enjoy the indea of interlinked short stories - which have possibilities that novels rarely explore), I'd like to see a new take on it - and as always, more books by such great authors are welcome. So I'd encourage people to take a look at, and consider supporting this new anthology - which you can find here.


  1. Hadn't heard of this before, and how great! I'm gonna have to make mention of it as well; I was such a big fan of Liavek, Thieves World and Heroes In Hell...I hope its successful! Thanks Jacob!

  2. I certainly thought so! It'd be great if you could - should be useful to them to spread the word a little, and of course it's nice for people to know. :D

    Liavek I never actually got to read, but I've heard a fair bit of it - I should get hold of a copy sometime.

    And no problem! :)