Friday, 2 March 2012

News | Fantastical Intentions, Free Books, and What the Future Holds (in a Vaguely Threatening Manner)

Wow, this is going to be a weighty news post!

...And the first item you've likely already guessed: Fantastical Intentions, the joint feature run by Hannah (of Once Upon a Time) and myself, is up - this week over at her blog! You can find it here...

We hardcore bibliophiles love books - it's a pretty self descriptive name - and free books are no exception. While this isn't exactly news, I'd encourage anyone who hasn't to check out the Baen Free Library - here. While much of Baen's novels consist of military SF (not my favourite subgenre), there's plenty to interest most of us (including the Vorkosigan Saga, which I've been working my way through). You can also find legal copies of all of the Baen CDs, some of which contain entire series, here. While this isn't exactly news, free books are always fun - right?

In other blog news, Drying Ink has attained the lofty state of a link on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist's blogroll! Which is very complimentary, considering the Hotlist was one of the blogs which inspired me to start my own - so yes, thanks to Pat for furthering my evil plans for world domination. Soon they will come to fruition...

Which brings me to - the future. Coming up on the blog are reviews of The Darkening Dream - steampunk! - and Jason Starr's The Pack, which looks a great deal of fun (and has already been opinioned for a film. It's coming out in April).


  1. Congrats on the link! As a fellow bibliophile I am also in love with your blog. You're book recommendations are top-notch. <3

  2. Why, thank you. :) Glad you're enjoying them.