Thursday, 8 March 2012

Links and Opinion | Hugo Awards and Scrutinising SFF Sexism

...Yes, I am fond of alliterating. Why do you ask?

It's been a busy week on the internet - and by this, I mean the SFF-related portions of it. Yesterday Stefan Raets, blogger at Far Beyond Reality, wrote an excellent article on the Hugo Awards -and the proposed rule changes which could make blogs ineligible for the 'Best Fanzine' award. And like him, I'd thoroughly encourage you all both to read the article (which is worthwhile in itself, and raises some excellent point - as does Cheryl's response in the comments) and to nominate bloggers for the award itself. No, that isn't personal interest you see! (Drying Ink is nowhere near that kind of standard) Rather, it's a desire to see great bloggers, as well as print media, continue to get the acclaim they deserve - and believe me, there are blogs out there that well deserve this sort of award. No doubt you can name a few yourself, so if you have registered for Chicon: why not nominate a few?

[Regarding the sexism argument: my article came off badly - though it was not intended so, and I detest internet arguments. I do read widely, as readers of my blog will likely know, and writing a post while half asleep is never (well, rarely) a good idea. I hope people will understand that I merely wished to remind people that reviewers look at content, not gender, and many can only reflect the publication proportions of the stories they read. That's all, and I hope my readers will forgive a previously stupid sounding post.]