Friday, 3 February 2012

News | Launch of Hodderscape

Time for a spot of news, people!

Hodder, who published more than a few of my favourite titles last year, are set to release a new online community: Hodderscape! It's due to be launched this weekend at SFX Weekender, and will include a competition for readers to submit their own 'Shelf of Glory'... Although mine would have to include a plural. Many, many shelves. Anyway, you can find their Facebook page here:

Here on the blog, it should also be pretty busy. I'll be catching up on some more review requests this weekend, so if you haven't got a reply yet, hold on. I'm currently reading The Hunger Games - after narrowly escaping death for not having read it at the hands of the recommender - and, well, I'm enjoying it. It's nothing beautiful: no Hobb or Kay, but it is fun. So look forward to a review of that! I'll also be posting on Fantasy Faction and running my Magic Systems columns column over at Grasping For The Wind, this time venturing once more into Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere...


  1. Oh dear, somebody other than me, I hope? I don't remember threatening hand death! :p

  2. Hehe. Nope, wasn't you - but I've finished the novel in question now, so should hopefully avoid said fate.