Wednesday, 11 January 2012

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Well, time for a few of those: my review policy has never been very substantial - I review what interests me - but it does need a little expansion. Before I begin, let me just say this. (Not that. This). I am a reviewer - that means that I enjoy, and want to read books. My review policy is there because I don't have time to review everything, or to reply to huge numbers of review requests that I can't accept. It is not there because I don't want to read novels! I love to review books, and to be offered that opportunity by authors is always, always welcome.

What I Review: I review anything in the SFF category. That means science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, urban fantasy - and any other subgenre you can name. My definition is rather vague: I don't want to exclude some great reads, but if it's too far from this area, I generally can't review it on the blog. For example, I would review a detective novel with speculative elements, but not, for example, a biography!

Publishing Status: I accept ARCs as well as finished copies, at any stage of release - whether out for a year or to be released in a few months. One clarification, though: a review request asking me to buy your book won't be accepted. I buy or get from libraries a number of the books reviewed on here, but asking me to review a title that I have to go out and buy is just... Odd. If I want to buy and read it, I'll do so without prompting! (I've only received one or two of these, but this is one of the really offputting factors. Don't do it.)

I don't accept self-published books - sorry! I realise there are some real gems, but I don't have time to go through the majority that, well, aren't (what with the books I already receive). I will review books from both larger publishers and small presses.

Type of Copy: I do review both ebooks and hardcopies. Although I do generally prefer a physical copy (there's something wonderfully tactile about a book - just have a look at my posts on ebooks if you want to see an attempted explanation why), if you would prefer not to supply a hardcopy, I'll certainly accept an ebook for my Kindle. I can read .pdf files, but they're slightly harder to read on a Kindle than other formats, so .mobi is best for me if possible.

Other: I run interviews, guest posts, and pretty much every type of feature you can think of! Feel free to ask to write on a certain topic. If youre requesting a review, I'm also fine with posting on a specified date (such as release), so just ask me if you're interested. I review all books received honestly. If you've supplied me with an ARC, I'm grateful! - but it's an obligation as a reviewer to review truthfully, as I do, so it won't influence my review.

That said... Review requests welcome, and I'll be catching up on my existing queue over the weekend.

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