Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Blog | A Few Additions

Quick notice! Instead of today's blog post on The Neon Court, which is currently an eldritch horror of which Lovecraft would be proud, I'll settle for telling you some blog news. Hopefully avoiding the trouble of breaking your minds and sanities with the unbearable horror.

Anyway, part one! I've been adding Amazon links to a few of my blog posts, which should hopefully make the actual books easier to find, and you can see what other people have said about them. Almost as if I wasn't the only reviewer worth reading - imagine that? I've also sneakily added them onto my affiliates account, heh. :P (If anyone has any complaints about them, I'll take them down)

I'm also adding in a temporary link to a fundraiser a software company, Icarus Wings (hopefully it'll go better than the myth...), has got going for an app. It aims to be a platform for serial novels, which readers will be able to subscribe to through the reader version. You can find it here!

And finally, what's coming up. I'll be running a feature on a new, multimedia ebook initiative; Fantastical Intentions, Hannah's and my picks of what's best in various fantasy categories, will be up once more tomorrow; and of course, many, many more reviews. Stay tuned and avoid eldritch horrors.


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