Thursday, 1 December 2011

News | The Christmas Spirits Trailer, Fantastical Intentions, and More!

I've been reading the ARC for Hodder's release of a new, ebook-only novel: the Christmas Spirits. It's a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol (with many more needles), short, and... Well, I'll be giving you my thoughts in the review. For now, here's the new trailer - as you can see, above!

I've also been reading, and enjoying, V. M. Zito's The Return Man - more zombies, but this time of a more medical flavour. Henry Marco has stayed in the infected Evacuated States, putting clients loved ones to rest (forcibly) for money, as well as seeking his wife's resurrected body. Now, however, he's been found out - and hired. The US Government want him to 'return' a scientist named Roger Ballard: but there's double-crossing, treachery, and more action than you could shake one of Mrco's overpowered guns at. It's all very fun, and the ending caught me entirely by surprise - so watch out for my review tomorrow!

Now for a bit of Drying Ink related news. Well, as you know me and Hannah (who blogs at the fantastic Once Upon A Time) run a feature called Fantastical Intentions - where we take a random topic and take our picks from it (and for once, I don't have to put my 'this is subjective' disclaimer on it!). The latest post, this time on fantasy in gaming, is up today here:
Check it out and tell us your own picks!