Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Coming Up | End of November

...Okay, that was a statement of the obvious! But what I'll do here is give you a brief summary of what's happening, and will happen, on the blog.
- I'm reading The Christmas Spirits, an ARC from Hodder - I've just started, so I'm not as opinionated as usual. Yet! Obviously, there'll be a review of that in the pipeline.
- I'm also giving Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt series another go, starting with Enpire in Black and Gold. I failed to get into the concept then, but with quite a few more released (plus some pretty ecstatic praise from some blog friends), I felt I should try it again. I was right: I'm enjoying myself in a with-caveats way. So, review coming!
- There are also interviews with two Angry Robot coming up, both of whom I recently reviewed - and enjoyed. A lot. Angry Robot is known for publishing the original, but when I get ARCs for both an urban fantasy Aztec murder mystery, and an intrigue rich alternate New York (with robots) in the same month... Well you know it's a lot more than that. Interviews with both Aliette de Bodard, and Adam Christopher will be up soonish (TM), and you can read my reviews of Master of the House of Darts and Empire State here and here.

So, that's what's happening soon: ie, a lot of reading.


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