Thursday, 20 October 2011

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You don't want to spend all your time listening to what I say? I mean, you don't want tospend your time just listening to me. Obviously. Slip of the fingers there. And so, because I can't pick what to review today, I present a general list fun, interesting, educational and 'Jacob-just-likes-it' fantasy resources! (And yes, some of these I have featured before)

Writing Excuses
Writing Excuses is, as the name indicates, about writing (but not, incidentally, how to avoid it!). It's a podcast which goes into a fair bit of detail about writing various aspects of science fiction, fantasy, and horror (on occasion) - and is very, very informative. Even if you're not writing your pet fantasy epic, this podcast is still a great listen just to hear writers' perspectives and recommendations... And I have to admit to enjoying the numerous funny moments as well. As the show's start puts it: "15 minutes long because..." - it's short, snappy, and well worth a go.

Fantasy Faction
 Even fantasy websites need their own T-shirts. :P
Not much to do with the T-shirt, admittedly.  Fantasy Faction is a website and forum based around the genre, and rest assured that me being a staff member has not affected my inclusion of it at all. Jokes aside, FF has a huge range of articles and a very active and friendly community, with a number of interesting discussions ('What is gritty?' being the most recent to catch my fancy) - and we've even spotted some authors on there. There's a lot of commenting on trends on fantasy, as well as some more straightforward reviews, so it's well worth checking out!

You can find it here:

The Little Red Reviewer
 Onto a blog, this time! The Little Red Reviewer inspires rabid envy in me never fails to produce articles on topics which I wish I'd thought of, books I've never heard of, and she's a fellow Stephenson fan (which makes her taste almost as good as mine!). There's a lot more SF reviews, and it's a great resource for reading ideas for a fellow reviewer - because I'm constantly running out of books. Jacob's First Law says, after all, the eternal truth: 'Print fuels life'. Anyway, go read it!

Iceberg Ink
While I don't get their hardcore Dr Who references, Iceberg Ink has a good collection of articles and reviews - many of books which haven't yet reached me. I'd heard a little about the Ryria Revelations series, but their recent feature on Sullivan (who's now been picked up by Orbit) clinched the deal for me: I have to read these books. There's a lot of insight round there, so it's well worth checking out.

 CustomReads is akin to a cut-down version of Goodreads (which I use as well), focusing just on providing recommendations and reviews - you pick the genres you're interested in, and you'll see recommendations! You can even follow particular reviewers (I'm on there, as Jacob @ Drying Ink, if you can stomach any more of me!). At any rate, it's a pretty solid service.
 Jinny from has a blog even better described by 'eclectic' than mine: reading SF, fantasy, and pretty much everything else, as far as I can tell! At any rate, there are some very nice reviews of books I haven't thought about reading - and as far as my very subjective tastes allow, there are some very good recommendations. If you're interested in reading outside your normal genre or subgenre, I thorouugly recommend this blog.

You can find it here:

...And the rest? There are, of course, plenty more - just take a look at my blogroll. Not to mention I haven't mentioned some of my more popular picks. The Wertzone and A Dribble of Ink are consistently good fantasy resources, for two. But these are the ones I think need to be mentioned the most: so here they are.

Have any picks of your own, or want to comment on mine? Tell me below!


  1. Thanks for the mention! :)

    We need to get you a complete set of DOCTOR WHO DVD's stat. LOL!

  2. Haha, I'm very tempted to use the 'fate worse than death' cliche. :P I might be joking.

    Operative word: might. :P

  3. Followed the Fantasy Faction link, ended up at a Comic Con website, ended up from there at the website for Official Pix Special Events, who hosts Dallas Comic Con, Sci Fi Expo and Fan Days. Where I promptly filled out a volunteer application.

    So thanks? haha!

  4. ...Wow! That's quite a web crawl. Heh, I'm sure you'll have a great time - I don't know how it works, but have you applied for anything in particular?

  5. thanks for the mention! and you should take Scott up on the Doctor Who DVD offer. seriously, it'll change your life! ;)

  6. No problem! Hehe, I actually used to watch it, but fell out of the habit. :P (I'm freee! Free!)