Friday, 2 September 2011

Review | Bricks - Leon Jenner

Bricks is...

Well, it's probably easier to start with what it isn't. Bricks is not epic fantasy, science fiction, or - roughly speaking - wholly fitting in any other SFF subgenre! It has few characters, and only one we dwell on. Its conflict is minimal: limited to established history. Development? Non-existent. So, is this non-traditional approach a bad thing?

Perhaps not.

Before I introduce what it is, however, I'll say this: if your tastes are towards even the moderately traditional, you probably won't enjoy Bricks. So, let's move on! Bricks is the tale of a bricklayer - who thinks he's a druid. Or, more correctly, remembers a past life in which he was one. The book is his vision of the world: almost wholly exposition, and whether it's a delusion or 'reality' is wholly up to the reader to decide...

It's a weird mix of alternate history, science fiction and fantasy packed into short spaces. It's interspersed with the story of the druid's defence of Britain against the Romans - apparently inspired by a fellow druid. Despite these engaging sections, we're never allowed to become truly involved with characters apart from the protagonist - a bit of a downside for me! Furthermore, it's short (320 pages, but in a very small book), so you might feel more confident buying it when it comes out in paperback. Though it does come with some great illustrations!

I can't give this book a rating because it's just that subjective! Nevertheless, I personally enjoyed it, though it suffered through a lack of resolution and characters, and for me, didn't give quite enough focus to the more interesting alternate history sections. Is it worth a try? Definitely.

Read this book, or have any comments on it? Comment and tell me...


  1. It's funny, I think all of us Blogger's got review copies of this book, and damned near NO ONE liked it at all. Most reviews are poor to atrocious as ratings.

  2. Oh, really? I didn't think it was bad, actually. Odd, certainly... Couldn't really rate it, though - it's not anything near what I can really judge. :P Kind of enjoyed it... Wouldn't read it again.