Friday, 2 September 2011

Review | Bricks - Leon Jenner

Bricks is...

Well, it's probably easier to start with what it isn't. Bricks is not epic fantasy, science fiction, or - roughly speaking - wholly fitting in any other SFF subgenre! It has few characters, and only one we dwell on. Its conflict is minimal: limited to established history. Development? Non-existent. So, is this non-traditional approach a bad thing?

Perhaps not.

Before I introduce what it is, however, I'll say this: if your tastes are towards even the moderately traditional, you probably won't enjoy Bricks. So, let's move on! Bricks is the tale of a bricklayer - who thinks he's a druid. Or, more correctly, remembers a past life in which he was one. The book is his vision of the world: almost wholly exposition, and whether it's a delusion or 'reality' is wholly up to the reader to decide...

It's a weird mix of alternate history, science fiction and fantasy packed into short spaces. It's interspersed with the story of the druid's defence of Britain against the Romans - apparently inspired by a fellow druid. Despite these engaging sections, we're never allowed to become truly involved with characters apart from the protagonist - a bit of a downside for me! Furthermore, it's short (320 pages, but in a very small book), so you might feel more confident buying it when it comes out in paperback. Though it does come with some great illustrations!

I can't give this book a rating because it's just that subjective! Nevertheless, I personally enjoyed it, though it suffered through a lack of resolution and characters, and for me, didn't give quite enough focus to the more interesting alternate history sections. Is it worth a try? Definitely.

Read this book, or have any comments on it? Comment and tell me...