Saturday, 7 May 2011

Link | Second Column at Grasping For The Wind

My second column on magic systems is now up, over at Grasping For The Wind, John Ottinger III's excellent SFF blog. This time, I'm talking about the mechanics of the system of urban magic from Kate Griffin's identically-titled series! You can find it HERE, and I'm looking for suggestions for the next system I'll feature. If you've read a book with a great magic system you think I should cover, just comment and tell me!

Unfortunately, my posting schedule is also having to decrease in frequency, due to a short-term increased workload. Although I'm not going to stop posting (this is a fun hobby, after all!), I won't be able to keep up my former frequency, so my apologies for any delayed posts - once it's over, at the end of June, I'll be posting just as often as before.

As an aside, the next review will be Mark Charan Newton's excellent Nights of Villjamur.

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