Monday, 23 May 2011

Link | Advice from Sam Sykes

Over at his blog, Sam Sykes has some interesting remarks for aspiring authors about the publishing industry. Unfortunately, I must point this out: he is wrong. Oh, so wrong. Why? Well, just look at this statement:

"it’s possible that he [Patrick Rothfuss] does have a diabolical lair beneath his humble Wisconsin home from which he directs his publishers to stymie and destroy people he doesn’t like while simultaneously stroking a cat that occasionally gets lost in the depths of his beard, but it’s not likely."

So naive.

Other than that, you can find his post HERE (and I really need to get round to reading his books!)

In other news, the collaborative map-making/worldbuilding project has started, over at Fantasy Faction: I'm taking part, and it should be an interesting initiative. If you're involved, go and check out the new subforum!