Thursday, 31 March 2011

What's Next?

Although my schedule slipped by a day or two this week, don't worry: the new post should be up tomorrow! For now, here's what I'm planning to be doing in the near future:
- Reviewing A Madness of Angels, by Kate Griffin. I really enjoyed this one, and the original magic system really is an additional treat! It focuses around urban magic, and magic as simply the exertion of life: there are blue electric angels living in the telephone wires, from the stray life and emotion that people just... pour in.
- Reviewing 'Rivers of London'. Actually, this is quite a similar urban fantasy, with, of course, the same base setting - London. A very different read, though, so I'll be reviewing this one in time to read Moon Over Soho soon!
- Posting Part 2 in my series of posts on magic systems. This time, we'll be looking at sources: where does the magic come from? (I'll actually be mentioning Kate Griffin there as well. As you can tell, I really did like that book)

Anything else I should read, review, or write about? Comment and tell me below, because suggestions are always welcome!


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