Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Quick Quote and What's Next?

A brief quote from Midnight Tides, part of my Malazan reread in preparation for The Crippled God:
"Let us hope they do not arrive before I am free."
"Because they will endeavour to kill me, Kettle"
"For fear that I will seek to kill them."
"Will you?"
"On many levels," he replied, "there is no reason why I shouldn't."

Pages 649/650

It's a good read so far, but missing the most memorable Malazan cast - though Tehol and Bugg are an amusing and interesting addition to this quite eclectic mix. The Tiste Edur cast, however, isn't nearly as engaging as those in previous books. I'm hoping for an improvement in that area before the book's end...

Next, I'll be reviewing Kate Griffin's The Neon Court, or, the Betrayal of Matthew Swift and its previous books - all very fresh urban fantasies and a lot of fun!


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