Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Review|And Another Thing - Eoin Colfer

The sixth book in the mythical trilogy, And Another Thing is Eoin Colfer's continuation of Douglas Adams' classic Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy - a practice that seems to be becoming far more prevalent than in the past. With Brandon Sanderson and The Gathering Storm, and now Eoin Colfer with Hithiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it seems ideal - but is it? Can our favourite series really continue in this way? Despite my wariness with the continuation, the answer is emphatic: yes!

It commences where Mostly Harmless left off - in real time, because our protagonists (well, not strictly accurate, I know) have - to put it likely - been experiencing rather more pleasant worlds for the past few years. But Earth is about to be destroyed (again), and it's up to Arthur Dent to get as far away as he can. On the way, he, Random, and Trillian will encounter many of our familiar characters, as Vogons attempt to destroy the last remaining Earthling colony, because Paper Is Important. I would explain, but just about any attempt to penetrate the plot's utter insanity (but in a good way) smells vaguely of spoilers. But the plot here isn't the question. Does Colfer's style stand up to Adams' original prose? Oh, yes.

Brilliantly fluid prose, hilarious gags, and a real sense of Adams' original direction make And Another Thing an unmissable continuation. Characters (aside from what seem a few minor Beeblebrox blips) remain uniquely Adams' own, and the humour is in the style of the trilogy's original five novels - while still introducing a few of Colfer's own in-jokes for later in the novel. Admittedly, there are a few seams - most notably with a few interior monologues that seem too much like an attempt at one of Adams' traditional types of humour, but falter slightly. But overall, it fully lives up to its predecessors, and continues Colfer's run of success. Fantastic!

My Conclusion: 9/10


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the book.

    I don't know if you visit the Barnes & Noble forems on book discussions, but Eoin Colfer is visiting Nov. 9th-13th. If you had any questions or thoughts for him.

    Great review!

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    XO - Parajunkee

  3. Thanks for the info, Melissa! I'll check it out.

    Very sorry, ParaJunkee - I've emailed now. :(

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