Friday, 30 October 2009

Response: Why no love among the SFF fandom?

Yesterday, Pat made an excellent point regarding the "holier-than-thou" attitudes adopted by some areas of SFF fandom. It's certainly true, and we're every one of us fallible here. Although I'd like to say I don't take part in the main part of looking down on areas of SFF apart from books, there are areas of SFF I don't enjoy so much - naturally. It's also true I wouldn't feature or recommend them, because I can't. But to take a derogatory standpoint on SFF movies, comics, and tie-in-novels would be stupid, and pointless to boot (this isn't my viewpoint - it's an example of the most common), because you have no experience in these areas, and can't appreciate the distinctions that fans of these mediums will want to hear. I'm glad that Pat let this out, because SFF, diverse as it is, deserves to be appreciated for this: a genre that can become anything. We should give this diversity merit, rather than castigating SFF outside our preferred area - because SFF is a growing field, and it's only to the better that we appreciate more of it.


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